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CNY Holiday (CHINA-MALAYSIA): 20/01/2022 is the final day for air & sea freight. 25/01/2022 to 06/02/2022 office & warehouse close. Review our shipping price, import process and warehouse address in this page. Please note that shipping price is changing from time to time due to the global rates increase by shipping operators.


Instant and transparent

Door to door

Free warehouse storage
up to 20 days

Yuan payment to
China suppliers

Compensation Requirements and Details

i. The corresponding product name of the goods must be stated clearly on the invoice. If the items is not declared, it will not meet the requirements for the compensation. Factohub has right to cancel your order and request you to retrieve your parcel.

ii. When a lost parcel has been reported, we will conduct an investigation on all participating parties from the freight forwarder, warehouse operator and local delivery team.

iii. Based on the investigation, if the missing parcel truly occurred during the delivery process, the claimable value of the lost good will be compensated. Compensation value is according to the item’s value on the invoice (up to USD100), or 3 times of the shipping fee, whichever is the lowest.

iv. If all requirements and conditions for the compensation for a lost parcel are met, Factohub will process and transfer the compensation to the customer’s account within two (2) weeks.