List of Sensitive Products




Normal Goods


Multimeter, electric screwdriver, pipe wrench, electric drill, dustless saw, electric welder, angle grinder, cutting machine, quick release valve.


Shirts, dresses, denim, underwear, sweaters, T-shirts, suits, children’s wear, etc.

Shoes & Bags

School bags and shoes made of various raw materials (PU bags, running shoes)

Electronic Products

Data cable, selfie stick, mouse, keyboard, gamepad, VR glasses, gaming headset, etc.

Household Appliances

Heaters, humidifiers, fans, soybean milk makers, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, etc.

Household Goods

Kitchen utensils, sofa, bed, dining table, lamps, etc.


Non-sensitive books such as children’s book collections, catalogues, science books, company brochures, etc.

Bed Linings

Bed mattress, U-shaped pillow, air conditioner, mosquito net, four-piece suit, etc.

Sports Outdoor Products

Bicycles, fishing gear, camping gear, water bottles, sports gear, etc,

Sensitive Goods (1)


Nike, Adidas, Puma, LV, Gucci and other customs record brands.


Fabric include silk, wool, linen, cotton synthetic fiber, rayon, nylon, polyesters, etc.; textile floor covering like carpets.

Beauty Products

Mask, perfume, cosmetics, face cream, nail, polish, etc.


Non-state civilization prohibited drugs, health products, diet pills, breast enhancement fluids, etc.


Tea, milk powder, biscuits, chocolate, seasonings, etc.

Motorcycle Accessories

Spark plug, battery, headlight, etc.

Car Accessories

Wiper, brake disc, lamp, filter, spark plug, etc.

Fragile Goods

Ceramic, glass, construction materials, toys, electrical goods, etc.

Small Battery

Power bank, Li-Ion battery, walkie talkie, etc.

Sensitive Goods (2)

Building Materials

Tile mosaic, tile brick, solid wood, flooring laminate, flooring, etc.

Electric Car

Tricycle, bicycle, etc.


Car tires, motorcycle tires.


Segway, electric scooter, kids motor or car rides.


Machine, chemical products, medicine, food, etc.